Cars waiting in line

Arrival and Dismissal Car Rider and Bus Lines

*For parent pick-up / drop off please expect a 30-45 minute wait. Expect a longer wait
the first few weeks of school.

Please take the time to read carefully the information regarding our parking lot and student car rider procedures. Drop-off and pick-up times are incredibly busy in our parking lot and following the IME-JGI car procedures helps us ensure a safe and quick arrival and departure of students. Please do not pull around other cars in line or change lanes unless directed by a staff member.

The student pick-up/drop-off entrances are located on 15th Street, north of the school building. There are entrances for IME only, and an entrance for parents that have students at JGI, or JGI and IME both. For parents that have students at JGI, the right lane (closest to the building) is for families with students at both IME and JGI buildings. The left lane of the JGI entrance is for families with students only attending JGI. NO cars should enter the front parking lot. This entrance is for buses only. ALL cars enter on the road off 15th . Parents must stay in the vehicle during drop-off and pick-up. Our doors open for students at 8:10. For the safety of your child, no student is to be dropped off before 8:10. At the end of the school day, all car riders must be picked up by 3:45 each day.

You must use your Safe Schools car sign daily. Please keep it visible until your child is in the vehicle. Signs will be handed out on Back to School Night. We are providing 2 car tags to each family. If the sign is not present, your child will not be released until proper identification is shown. If the tag is lost or extra tags are needed, you can purchase additional tags at $2.00 per tag from the office. No homemade signs for safety reasons. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation with our dismissal process. We greatly appreciate your continued efforts in pulling forward and staying in the designated lanes. All students must stay in their car and be dropped off in the front of the building. No drop-offs on the blacktop road or in the parking lot.

Please explain our pick-up procedures with anyone else you may have to pick up your student